We are developing devices for each customer needs.
Please browse our product catalogue to find a device which best meets your needs.


Powerful filling machines

Gercini has developped intelligent filling solutions for water, oil and frothy products.

Higher speed filling solutions for 3000-4000 units per hour with option to speed up device later on if needed.
We will adopt machine for your needs.

For these machines, it is very easy to change bottle types in minutes.

Please look how it works HERE

HERE you can see exactly dosing process.


Cork skrew machines

Simple cork screw machine can be embedded into your current line or can be set up as new machine.

Device can be set up in seconds, simple and effective!
It can be easily adopted for different bottles.

In case this solution is too slow, we can put a couple of them and make them work much faster.

In case you have our filling machine, we will embed corker machine into existing controller to make it simpler.

Here you can see how it works!

Give your machine second life!

In case you have an old filling machine (or other) that works quite well (or doesn't) but it may be equipped with new controller solution that makes machine easier to maintain and more reliable, we can do exactly that for you!

We will make your machine look like new one, set up new sensors and mechanisms and we will give a warranty.


Custom controller solutions

We develop custom controller solutions for your specific needs.

We develop our solutions on the most reliable 32bit Microchip PIC controllers, performing up to 80MHZ frequency.

We have experience starting from simple oast house automation up to metal detectors.


Small filling solutions

These are small filling machines that supports single filling unit.

These devices will be best for small familly enterprise.

F-1-x by default are equipped with inductive flow meter.


Multi function devices

Gercini offers complete filling solutions for small enterprise.
Just provide with tare, foil, caps and product and our machine will
* take tare
* fill product
* put foil
* seal foil
* put cap
* put product on your line


Dossing machines

From simple dosing with couning mechanism to high end dosing with report and invoice printing, managed with high resolution touchscreen 19` embedded computer, please contact us for details..

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